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This site is all about Edexcel IGCSE English. It provides IGCSE students with the notes and summaries on the anthology texts.

This site will only provide notes for section A and section B of the anthology.

Section C is not provided in this website

Best of Luck in Your Revision hope this helps…

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Due to many unwanted messages being posted on the doubt box in the website, I have permanently discontinued the doubt box facility from the websiteigcseenglish.com . There has been a lot of spams getting posted and alot of misuse of the facility. Some people were posting as admins and asking for donations giving false emails and scamming people. To all users of the website, lets make this CLEAR. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY FORM OF MONEY TO ANYONE IN THE NAME OF THE WEBSITE. THe website will however be at your service like always. Rest all good .greetings to all.

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